Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017

The one eyed hoarder and swamp buggy and gator nuggets

1. Espanola-- man. Well one day we were looking at our area and there's this in the middle of the woods town called Espanola. Not really a town, a few streets. Anyways get there, and it's hecka ghetto. Just dirt roads, trailers spread out in these woods, trash EVERYWHERE, just really proverty sticken community. knock on a couple doors, nothing. My shoe falls apart. We knock on this door that you know is a hoarder. But we ain't afraid ( actually have this huge phobia of being inside of a hoarders home) anyways, get through some things to get to the door, knock... someone whispers "come in" we open the door,.... African american lady with a shower cap on, bigger, dirty clothes, is sitting parallel from us sitting on the unseen couch... then suddenly jerks her head to look at us.... AND SHE HAS NO EYEBALL!!!! IT'S GONE. THERE'S JUST THIS SOCKET WITH NO EYE. I try not to scream. We introduce ourselves. She wasn't interested. That's the end of the story. 

2. Next story about Espanola ... we keep going around these trailers.. it starts to pour. See a skinny black man we just hustle to him. Say Hi!!! We are missionaries!!! He just looks at us so perplexed and just says "come" and starts walking. So we follow him. I was kinda scared I was like what the where is he taking us. But he has us go to his porch to hide from the rain. He refuses to let us know what his name is. We started to call him chief cuz he had an indian chief on his shirt.He then tells us I'll show you around to people. Pretty sure he was drunk. He was walking all squampous. Anywho so we just have this man showing us around this town, no one let's us talk to them really. We met a lil lady named big mama with her nice set of grills. He took us to the only church in town, a Baptist one, and then took us to meet the preacher.just imagine it pouring HARD, with this skinny African American man who is most likely drunk walking with 2 sister missionaries who have 0 idea what's going on in this ghetto proverty stricken town in the middle of a forest who rarely has visitors. It was the craziest experience of my life, I loved it. 

3. Another week- another update on my body.haaaaaaaa ah. This week was good till the end there- sat, sun= rough. Just extreme aches and pains I felt like an old lady. ive never prayed more fervently and felt more mixed emotions in my life. But president after zone conference (meeting with 1/2 of the missionaries) asked me to talk to him after. I was so scared I had done something wrong. But he asked me how I was doing, just checking up on me. With my health and all. And then before you know it I'm crying he's crying and we are just both crying. I just told him I felt like if I went home that means I'm giving up, I don't want to go home, I want to be here so bad!!this is one of the most important work I could ever do!! And that I had let the savior down, when he was looking at me, looking into my eyes, I felt the love of Jesus christ. I felt his very presence, he was trasmitting through my mission president. the savior of the world loves me, is proud of me, and is here for me. I know that. I received a blessing. So grateful for the priesthood. It's power is oh so real. Ever since that the adversary has been at me. Sometimes I'll just have this awful discouraging thought pop into my head. But something that I have learned this week, is that I have been able to distinguish the difference from spirit giving thoughts and Satan giving thoughts. One for my favorite chapters in the bom is Moroni 7.this is verse 13 "But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God." Soo simple, yet we tend to over complicate it.

5. I love my girl ana. She's had a real hard and complicated family. She is trying soooo hard to get it all together. Her 5 grandchildren want to get baptized-- they are our main focus right now. But last night- after having dinner, with tears in eyes and the most sincerity any human could muster, she told us how grateful she was for us, and for us serving missions. My heart was so swollen with love.i love this work. Crazy how much I used to dislike it to now how much I love every day doing this.  

6. The swamp buggy ayeeeee --- a lot of the ward is country like I mean pure country. So our good member homie bubba took us on the SWAMP BUGGY!!! This huge 15 foot ginormous machine that is like a bus with no  sides and no top--- and we just went through the swamp all day today. Holy nuts it was awesome. I even got to drive it. Just trying to get the person in front but with huge banana spiders, running over trees, ah I love the country folk. It's just growing on me, I've even beginning to talk like em

Mahalo for all the love and prayers 

1&2 good homie bubba driving the swamp buggie. Nicest redneck y'all ever meet. 3.me driving 4. Da punk elders in our ward 5. Ana and her grandbabies we gonna baptize a few weeks! 6. Weekly pic with buffles 7. We got to take Sally to do confirmations at the temple... she didn't want to get wet for baptisms ahahah 8. I tried some gator nuggets-- I didn't like em. 9. Just jokes.