Monday, January 30, 2017


ALOHA friends and family this week has felt like 8 weeks. IT HAS BEEN SO LONG 
i wake up at 6:30 and stare at the ceiling and question my entire existence. I have so much to say so excuse me if its really long. read it though its funny. 

1. I wish my butt was bigger for cushioning because then my butt and legs wouldnt go numb after sitting for a few hours like it does every single day. 

2. Every night it takes me exactly 10 seconds for me to fall asleep and then BEEP BEEP BEEP and it feels like i have to wake up again. I felt like i havent slept in 7 days. 

3. I only cried once, i had a huge breakdown on sunday when my branch president told me that i HAVE to wear garments during exercise. Right before he talked about how to be PERFECTLY OBEDIENT but also that we need to relieve stress? and i was like um... i cant wear garments when i exercise or ill die? and i dont relieve my stress? so i just started bawling in front of my district. and its not even in the white handbook, so i got in kind of a tussle with him and his wife, but they told me to leave it up to the lord. My face was puffy red and everyone kept staring at me and i was just so angry. I didnt want to be here anymore, i was like ill just walk home its fine. But then i watched CHARACTER OF CHRIST and it CHANGED my life!!! holy cow. not an exaggeration. And now my whole demeanor has changed and im just here chilling, loving it so much. 

4. A plague of sickness has swept over our District of 40B, it starts with a nagging cough then hot sweats and chills, then you look like death and then get a 102 fever. Like Elder Ili who is now in quarantine and we wont see in a few days. We are all dropping like flies. We live in such tight quarters its not a question of if youll get sick but when. You just pray that your immune system is strong enough so that you can survive till bedtime. 

5. One of my teachers voice always cracks like hes a 14 year old boy. We are like knee deep in the Restoration and then CRAACKKK reminds me of besser when his voice would always crack too. Everytime it happens i have tears in my eyes and im covering my face trying to hide my laughter. Most the time he just pauses, and there is silence. but he just says nothing and moves on. while i am laughing so hard. 

6. The story of suga mama. My teacher told it to us and i just have to share it with you. There was a family packing, so him and his companion decided to help them. They go inside, and there is this very very large black women sitting on a chair just staring at him. She gets up, and he is frozen, she walks closer to him and says "suga mama (so in third person) wants to show you something." and he just follows her. There are children all over the place just calling her suga mama this suga mama that. and then they are about to go into a room when a little girl says "Suga mama he dont want any of that!" then suga mama says "well if its a question of money...." and pulls out a dollar bill from her bra, and puts it in his pocket. Then they say "uhhh no thank you" and quickly leave. 

7. The boys in our district are interesting. I am the oldest one here. there are 4 sisters, all of us going to orlando and then 8 boys who are all going to INDIA. and then one other is going to Guam. My district leader and i do not get along. ill just say snooty things or sarcastic remarks and then he says it right back to me. Its okay though i roast him on the daily. He bugs. But since we are confined to a class room ALL DAY LONG. i go kinda crazy, and i just say the craziest things so they think i am nuts. I am but i dont care.Theres one who is from England who will just say the weirdest slang. like "you look buttered." and "i got alot of tings (girlfriends) back home.  Here is a few things that they have said to me in only one week of knowing each other. " Sister Herrod will you sit down." "I wish we could put one of those cones for dogs on sister herrods head so she wont bite or bug anyone." "Sister herrod i hope you get shot on your mission." *i say something* "did someone say something? I didnt hear anything" "Hey sister naylor can you please control your companion." "shut up sister herrod" "Just pretend shes a window, just see right through her." "you freak me out." "youre just one of those people i want to slap." " i just want to put my hands around your neck and squeeze" "it all make ssense now that you have brothers, do you make them cry alot?"  "why are you always so rude" I AM JUST BEING HONEST!!!! they need to get slapped around a little bit these are all boys who are fresh out of highschool. it makes them tough whatever i say. All of those are what they have really said to me, but i dont mind. ITS ALL GOOD FUN. and we have so much fun and laugh alot and none of our teachers can control us. 
9. there are so many rules!!!!!! that has been my biggest trial, im like WT HECK WHY THIS RULE?????!?!?! and i get so frusterated, but my testimony has grown the more i have exercised my faith to be obedient. 

8. The thing that shocked me the most is that ON THE FIRST VISIT WITH INVESTIGATORS YOU INVITE THEM TO BAPTISM!!! 
i struggled with that sooooo much because i felt like i was cheating them. They didnt know what they were in for. i was like woah calm down jesus. But my teacher told me that CHrist is direct, and our responsibility is to invite them, and then the spirit will do the rest. After alot of TRC fails, and alot of faith, my companion and i were finally able to ask one of our investigators to be baptized. and she said YES!!!!! and when she did this blanket of love and powerful witness of the spirit was there for me. And all of my struggles here, made it all worth it for that one moment. 

9. I have grown so much being here, and i have have never felt the spirit more strongly. I have come to realize that i really do need Christ. I cant do it without him. And that i should focus more on being more like christ, instead of the blessings i will receive. 

10. I have the greatest companion. She is a living book of mormon. she knows all the scriptures and is so kind and thoughtful. We get along and we are the best of friends. Shes from manti and is a four time state champ. and an athlete. WE GET ALONG SO GREAT. 

11. the MTC is what you make it. If you wanna be a sourpuss, youll be not happy. But if you want to have a good time, and make an effort to do so, thats what youll get. I am working on making it always a good time, alot of hard work but so much fun. and such an honor to wear that name tag every second of each day. 

Love you all and think of you guys often. Praying for you all. 

Ill send pictures in another email. 

me and my room wishing you a happy new year:) 

this mornin at the temple!!! MUCH NEEDED!!! jumpin for joi​

best companion. she laughs at all my dumb jokes

My BOIIII cutter zaugggg 

this is the person who says mean things to me all day and sits next to me Elder Barry from London

my companion has the hots for Elder Mills, and somehow, even in the MTC i manage to third wheel it:) so blessed. 

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