Monday, January 30, 2017

Spiritual Prison: Indians and Crystal Light-Dec.29, 2016

Aloha family and friends, i just get to write a quick email to say that i have safely made it to the MTC. Hi mom dont worry im safe, the food is kinda weird and not as good as people made it sound, but i am surviving. My p days are on wednesdays, so ill write more that day. I leave to Orlando on the 16th of January!!!

 the past two days have been the hardest days of my life, i feel like when i got here i was just being herded around like cattle, and for the first day and a half i was horrified at the decision that i had just made. Its so hard. so so hard. Hard in ways that i never anticipated, but i am learning so much already.

My companion is sister naylor, who is dope af and is someone who i have come to love so much!! she plays a billion sports comes from Manti utah.
 My district is filled with other set of sisters who are also going to Orlando, and then 8 other elders who are going to INDIA!!!!! and are speaking english. ITS NUTS. I am so grateful i aint going to the land of "slumdog millionaire" cause dang gina, they gonna have the craziest stories and live in the craziest busiest place in the world.
The first day we sang called to serve, and each verse i kept singing the wrong verse, so the whole district kept laughing at me, mostly i think for how proudly i sang it wrong (on accident) and how tone deaf i was.

Everyone here seems to laugh at all my dumb jokes i make so i am feeling pretty fly sometimes.

There are so many rules here though and my bum already hurts so much from sitting in chair all day long. I have fallen asleep on my companion a few times because this place is spiritually draining, but crystal light has saved my life.

However, the MTC is what you make it! and i am trying my hardest to be positive and have fun. I have never prayed so much in my entire life, but have felt closer to my Savior the more i learn about him and the more i teach.

Anyways, mahalo to you all for the support, love and miss you all!
sister russiankats

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