Monday, January 30, 2017

Restoration rap - Jan.12, 2017

Here are the lyrics:
God up in heaven is our loving Heavenly Father
We are all his children, i am his daughter. 
He made a plan so we can learn and grow 
So god sent us down to Earth below
And made the world thats call the creation
He gave us prophets to in every dispensation
They taught about the Gospel and how to return to Him
It can only be down through Jesus, or else chances would be slim
The reason why is because 2000 years ago, 
Christ died for all our sins, he was no regular joe
He taught the gospel so we can feel his love 
And provided a way to return to father above 
But all this information was lost, a great Apostasy
Doctrines changed, corrupted and no one could agree 
Centuries past, darkness controlled the Earth 
Slowly people seeked for light and wanted a spiritual rebirth
So when the time was right after alot of preparation
God brought back the truth, its called the restoration

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