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Beef Jerky and Triple Threat - Jan.12, 2017

we are either laughing our heads off or crying cause the spirit is so strong. there is no in the middle. except meal time. those times are vital. We are the loudest most craziest district you will ever meet. we can hardly stay on task, we play alot of signs, and none of our teachers can handle us. i get sad to think my time here in the MTC is almost over, i leave in 3 days to FLORIDA where it aint snowin praise the heavens. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET OUT THERE!!

1. My companion is in love with an elder in our district. and he is in love with her. dont worry there is no rule breaking, but i know for a fact they will be married when they return from missions. there are no such things as coincidences when you are on the lords errand. plus in sacrament our branch president called only those two to talk, so we know its a match made in heaven. A sign. One time he told me to "just leave the room" and then i said "well if i left, that means sister naylor would have to leave too, (cuz companions) and we all know you dont want that."

2. We have an investigator named jessica, whos the most flamboyant, loud, bigger african american gal from dallas texas, who has the cutest gap in between her teeth and a thick accent. She is like a mix of nicki minaj and beyonce id say. We asked her "do you think you would like to have the Holy Ghost with you at all times?" and she said yeah, i think anyone would luv a lil SIDEKICK fightin' through life with you kickin BUTT (*que punching motions*) i was like yeeeee gurl i dig that. (dont worry i didnt really say that) We taught her about the gospel and enduring to the end and asked her if she would be willing to live it and she said " yeahhhhhh idk SOUNDS LIKE EXERCISE!!!!" hahahahah i just started laughing so hard. hahahahhaa. 

3. Now i would like to explain all the peeps in my district, they are my fam. and we have gotten so close and imma cry hard cause most of em ill never see again. 
Elder Ili- going to guam, chillest samoan you ever met, is like a pineapple, hard and spikey on the outside but soft and mushy in the inside.
Elder Mills- has a snake tongue, cow farmer boy from Joseph, utah. he is the definition of a flannel t shirt. Him and my companion pair off to play horse during exercise, idk if thats allowwed but they are getting married. 
Elder Victor- indian going to india. Whenever someone asks where are you going he responds and says "india where else would they send me?" no exaggeration i have heard it like over 500 times. He wants to be a doctor and is good at break dancin, so naturally we get along. 
Elder Hadley- good at sewing, played Queen Elizabeth in a play one time, focuses mostly on his drawings of us as super heros.... but im a witch??? 
Elder Barry- British chap from North London. We get along really well, we talk about soccer alot, and during gym we juggle together, but the trainers get mad every time but we do it anyway. SOCCERS NOT ALLOWED IN THE GYM AND I GET SO ANGRY. we juggled it back and forth with our heads and we got 28. we big dogs. My goal in life is to roast him and to make his life inconvienent. 
Elder Jordan- runner boy he ran 600 miles in the summer, has the biggest eyebrows, i just stare at them and dream of plucking them sometimes. 
Elder Talianni- i only call him by "district leader" really like prideful and such, we did NOT get along at first but the more i have gotten to know him, the more i have liked him as a person.His family just sent him 8 huge large boxes of beef jerky one night, like a lifetime supply.easily over 300 dollars worth of jerky?He likes to use the fake investigator name of Laundry?!?We also call him triple threat (cause he apparently gets all the ladies, apparently is really good at boxing and apparently is going to make a career out of music) 
Elder Hardy-  quirky guy who apparently was in my math class junior year but i dont remember him. 
Sister naylor- always tells me about her friends, most of the time it goes in one ear and comes out the other. but is my best friend and we kill it. She helps me stay calm and comforts me. i need her prolly more than she needs me. 
Sister Adams- had a break down yesterday, was sobbing/laughin for a good 2 hours. She has a hard time when people say mean things like when we are at the referral center and a man told her that she was a liar, and he hates mormon because of her." i cant imagine what will happen when we go out to the mission field 😓😕😟😵😱😆.  She sometimes stresses alot of boys and will cry that she will be alone even in the celestial kingdom. she said " There are plenty of fush in the sea, but nobody wants me." But i love her, and shes the best and is so funny and prolly even a little more wild than me ( not sure its possible) 
Sister McCullough- we are those friends that will just look at each other and start laughing so hard. hahahahah. even though we arent companions, i get along with her and consider her one of the closest friends out here. also has a pinkey toe that bends over her other toes? its scary. 

4. Since being out here my testimony has grown SO MUCH!!! I can no way deny that God is not real and that he doesnt answer prayers. CUZ HE DOES YALL!!! best way to get your prayers answered? THE BOM!!!!!! i love and need that book, and its just got all the answers of how to live!!!! I invite you all ( see im becomin a missionary already) to write down a question you have, and then pour into the book of mormon and you will have the answer. ITS LIKE A CHEAT SHEET TO LIFE!!! and then pray and ask if joseph smith translated it. it will come. THink about this: If the book is not true- he would have had to write a 531 page book in 80 days, when he was 23 years old with less than an elementary education, had no research, created a history of people, describing their customs, economy and politics for over 1000 years with no inaccuraces, said if was written on gold plates 100 years BEFORE the world knew ancient people wrote on gold plates, must confound expert scholar who are invited to prove its fraudulence and have yet to do so, thousands of intellectual people will become disciples of it, he cant make any changes to it after its finished, and 8 witnesses would have seen it, and a man with little education would die for it. DO YOU REALIZE THAT HE COULDNT HAVE DONE THAT WITHOUT THE HELP OF GOD??? and if the book is not true, god ceases to be god. d&c 17:6 and  d&c6:17

5. quotes this week: i yelled at my roommates because i was so motivatin you know feelin it "im gonna lose myself in the work and cause im losing myself in the work, im gonna find myself in the work, cause i aint looking for myself in the work."  "SISTER HERROD STOP TRYING TO BE NICE ITS NOT IN YOUR NATURE!!!!"- elder jordan "Who would even date you?" (elder b to me) "its really cold outside, but you makin it hot with your bars" ( elder eli to me when i do spiritual raps) "oh look sister herrod is in the picture" "Ill crop that out." "sister herrod just shut up" "Sister herrod just got worse, i didnt think that was possible." "no wonder no one likes you." As you can see, the elders need to work on their language. and work on being nice. 

6. The time that i hate being a missionary is when i have to wake up at 6 am and do "service" BUT THEY MAKE US CLEAN TOILETS AND MOP. if you dont show up, they knock on your door force you to come and do manual labor NOT SERVICE. Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of service if youre forced to go? just imagine me with crazy bed head, cleaning toilets and mumbling "why they bein fake just call it like it IS! manual labor!!!!!*que nacho libre voice* The MTC IS  A LIE STEVEN LIE!!!" 

7. I may sound like an angry missionary, but lemme tell ya, i have never felt more peace and love in my life. i love being here, and all i gotta worry about is JESUS CHRIST!!! how cool is that? galations 10:22-23

8. They switched our schedule around so we eat dinner at literally 4:30.. WE ARENT SENIOR CITIZENS TRYIN TO GET THE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AT CHUCKARAMA!!!!! i go to bed every night starving 

9. A new district came in, and when they were in the bathroom i went to go to use the loo, and hit my elbow really hard, and started screaming hysterically cause it hurt so bad. and NO ONE EVEN ASKED IF I WAS OKAY!!!!!!

10. Anyways, the next time i email ( if i havent died from a plane crash or alligators when i enter into the swamp land) i will be in the sunny and warm place of FLORIDA!!! i am sad cause ill never see my district again, but i know the lords preparin people for me to meet!!! 

11. Sorry this is so long. ill attach my supa hot fiyyya rap and some pictures in another email. 

love you all!!! 
read your scriptures!!!!!! 
sister herrod

My neighbor Vanisha took this picture at MTC and sent to my mom
on MTC campus with my companion on Jan.11, 2017

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